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We enable real-time information exchange for shippers, transport companies and charters.

As IT Service company, Logenios GmbH offers a supplier independent solution within the sector of logistics. Our platforms are focused on process optimization for the exchange of shipments and real-time monitoring during the execution. With the use of our control-tower, we offer directs insights during the execution of shipments, offering our customers to apply corrective actions, or to learn from the results enabling them to optimize their logistical processes for the future.

More transparency in your logistic processes.

Using the available means of transport in the best possible way, saving fuel, decreasing CO2 emissions, reducing delivery times and saving costs – Logenios can and will bring you closer to your goals. Through a cloud-based control centre, our open web solution eConnect provides you and all parties within the supply chain with an automated monitoring solution, from collection to delivery.

Optimized supply chain processes.

Eliminate potential interruptions in your communication so as to optimise the supply chain processes and safeguard your quality standards. Our services support your process, no matter which telematic system, transport management system or business software you use, from time slot booking, if any, up to the actual delivery.


Solutions for the shipper

Live status control

You are an industrial production company regularly engaging transport companies?

Tightly integrated with your ERP, eConnect optimizes your transport planning and simplifies the outsourcing of transport orders.

eConnect provides a single source of orer execution information and frees from the need of manually track the order status using different tracking portals.


Solutions for the carrier

Proactive services

You are a carrier or logistic company offering transport services?

Through eConnect, you’ll be able to enjoy a simplified order exchange process, including multi-level order management when working with several subcontractors. 

Manage subcontracted orders without manual communication efforts.


Solutions for the receiver

Increased flexibility

You are an industrial or commercial company and regularly receive goods that need further processing or must be distributed?

Based on information transmitted in real time, eConnect automates and supports your business processes so that you always remain in control, from quay to warehouse.

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